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LSOG Rules Clarification on Awards

CLARIFICATION of Rules for AWARDS: In District vs Out of District

IMPORTANT NOTE!!!!  This CLARIFICATION is NOT part of the LSOG GENERAL RULES, but SERVES ONLY TO CLARIFY the DISCUSSION on AWARDS that appears on Page 6 of the LSOG GENERAL RULES.  QUESTIONS SIMILAR TO THIS WILL MOST ASSUREDLY ARISE DURING a COMPETITiON, and this INFORMAL DISCUSSION, prepared years ago by LSOG Administration, is intended as a Guideline for Event Coordinators to go by in resolving these issues. 

THE ISSUE is "In District" or "Out of District"
An Out of District athlete or team will not take a medal or qualification from an In District athlete or team.  In cases where out of district athletes or teams finish 1st, 2nd or 3rd overall in a competition, duplicate medals and qualification slots will be awarded.  The reverse is not the case.  The Out of district athlete or team only get what they  earn.

Start by determining your overall results and then determine In and Out of district awards.

This is how the results would look like on paper:

Jones 130' Out 1st overall Gold
Blue 128' Out 2nd overall Silver
Black 115' Out 3rd overall Bronze
Owens 114' Out 4th overall (nothing, Out of District athletes get what they earn)
Smith 105' In 5th overall 1st In District Gold
Red 103' In 6th overall 2nd In District Silver
White 100' Out 7th overall (nothing, out of district gets what he earns
there will be no Bronze In district

1. Jones 130'10" Out    
1. Smith 128'11" Out    
2. Blue 128'5" Out    
2. Red 103'3"' Out    
3. Black 115'7: In    
3. White 100'0: Out    
In the above scenario you would award six medals (two gold, two silver and two bronze)
If an athlete Owend from Out of district therew 114' he would not even get a medal. He would have ben 4th over all in competition and out of the medals, even though his throw was better than the best In district throw.

Another example:

Jones 130' Out 1st over all 1st Out of district Gold    
Smith 105' In   2nd over all 1st In district Gold    
Red 103' In   3rd  over all 2nd in district Silver    
Blue 100' Out 4th over all (Nothing he is 4th he gets what he earns)    
3. Black 100' Out 5th over all (Nothing he is 5th he gets what he earns)    
3. White 90' In   6th over all (3rd In district Bronze) or if White does not comete no 6th
over all then, the 4th place Out of district still does not get a Bronze, no one will get the Bronze

Names aren't that important just the scores & who's In or Out

Got it???
Keep going over & over this & it will just click

See!!! I told ya



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