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("On-Line" is Preferred; paper "mail-in" is accepted)

IT IS IMPERATIiVE THAT YOU read THE INSTRUCTIONS BELOW before using On-Line Registration. If you have any questions remaining do not hesitate to call your Event Coordinator, or Bill Pryor, at 504-427-3334, or Ann Hassenboehler at 504-828-9766.

On-Line Registration - the
preferred Regisration method

  • Participants are encouraged to use "On-Line Registration" for the 2018 Games.  Just Click on the "Register Now" button provided on this page.
  • The "Register Now" button will open the ActiveNet page for GNOSO Registration.
  • As the Games progress, the ActiveNet page for GNOSO Registration will show fewer and fewer Events; partcipants will not be able to register for an event after the event's Registration Deadline is passed.
  • i.e., as the registration deadline has passes for any Event, that Event will no longer be visible on the ActiveNet page for GNOSO Registration.
  • Users who avail themselves of On-Line Registration will receive immediate e-mail confirmation of their Registration.  Those users should also receive a receipt for their payment, from their Credit Card provider.

Paper Form Mail-in remains a less-preferred available alternative

  • Athletes may Download the Paper Registration Form, fill it out and mail it in with a check.
  • All information from the Form will be entered into the same On-Line database that On-Line Entrants' information is entered.
  • Mail-in Registrants will NOT receive confirmation of registration nor receipt.

To Register On-Line for GNOSO 2018 Olympic Games:
CLICK the Purple Button Below or at the left of this page.
PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING, particularly Items 12 and 13:




  1. NOTE that SOME Functionality of the Registration process may be sacrificed if you use a Tablet or other
    Mobile device (this is an OPINION
    - not confirmed).  However it has been noted that the "Forgot Password"
    recovery feature is impaired when using a Tablet.
  2. After you Click on the purple "REGISTER NOW" Button, the first screen you see is "Session Selections."
  3. Find the "Session" you wish to Register for, and mouse-click on the blue "Add" button.
  4. You may "Add" as many "Sessions" as you like.
  5. NOTICE that anything you "Add" will show up on the right-hand side of the screen.
  6. Note that the "Quantity" window SHOULD show a "1."  Iif you click on the "Add" button again the
    "Quantity" window will increase by 1 each time you click. To correct, just click in that window and select the desired quantity .
  7. When you have selected all the "Sessions" you care to, Click the "Continue" button.
  8. You will be asked Who you are Registering.  so you will need to Respond correctly to that.
  9. If you have made errors you will be asked to correct them.
  10. Once satisfied, Click "Continue to Cart."
  11. CHECK OVER THE MATH.  IF everything is correct, read down the page.
  12. You will be offeret two Options
    THE FIRST OPTION, in BOLD, in a Yellow Bar, Offers the button "YES."
  13. IF YOU CLICK ON THE "YES," it should be ONLY AFTER YOU ARE CONVINCED it is the right thing to do.
    IN MY OPINION, it would be wiser to click the second Option, "No."
  14. IF YOU WANT to SELECT ADDITIONAL "Sessions" (Sports), Click "Make Changes" near the bottom
    of the page, and there is an option to do so at the Top of the page. NOTE: there are two ways of "signing:" YOU MAY elect to sign as with a "stylus," or you may elect to TYPE in your signature. It is not necessary to do both - just one method is sufficient.
  15. OTHERWISE, CLICK ON "COMPLETE" at the bottom of the page.
  16. If you want to PRINT a copy for your Records, there is an option to do so at the top.NOTE that you will be e-mailed a copy of the form to the address you have on file.

 And Voila!  You are Registered for the 2018 GNOSO Olympiad! 

 We look forward to seeing you soon!

*Team Sports (Beanbag Baseball, Basketball, Bocce, Dance, Softball and Volleyball) are referred to in the On-Line Registration Form as "Groups."  For Groups/Teams, Team Captains should Register FIRST so they can set up a Team/Group NAME and provide Team Members with a Passcode from them to sign up for the Team/Group.  PLEASE NOTE: additional HELP is available if necessary. See telephone numbers in Bold at top of page.

IMPORTANT NOTE: A participant may select THREE SPORTS for the initial $25.00; additional fees acrue after three sports.  For some sports, such as Bocce, Bowling, Golf, Miniature Golf, Swimming and the 5K Run&Racewalk, extra fees are required.

Clicking the link below will take you to a different, secure web-site.  When you are finished, you will be returned to GNOSO.net.

To Register for GNOSO Events On-Line:


Enjoy your experience!


Remember, Life - LIVING BEGINS at 50!

MISSION: GNOSO's Mission is to provide seniors over the age of 50, quality venues to participate in a variety of athletic, recreational and social activities, all of which promote wellness and an active lifestyle.


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