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*GNOSO 2014 Horseshoes
March 29, 2014

Waggaman Horseshoe Pit at Waggaman Playground

516 Dandelion Dr., Waggaman, LA 70064
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Click HERE for 2014 Results (posted 4-5-14)
Click HERE for 2014 Photos (4-18-14)

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Landry Camardelle
Landry Camardelle
Jenny Camardelle
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Although this event is NOT uniquely American (a game like this was played by Roman
soldiers in 100 BC) the game is now universally enjoyed and epitomizes Americana. The
amount of skill required to achieve a competitive level in this sport is unbelievable. The
Greater New Orleans Senior Olympics event is held in West Jefferson - in Waggaman, at
the public horseshoe pitch affiliated with Thomas Jefferson Park. GNOSO Event
Coordinator Landry Camardelle has been pitching horseshoes since the Andrew Jackson
defeated the British at English Turn. Co-coordinator Jenny Camardelle has considerably
less experience and roughly equivalent skill. See below for a scene uniquely Americana - as Lionel Guise watches.

Old Glory

Old Glory Flies Over the 2013 GNOSO Horseshoes Event - Appropriately
Also Appropriately - blue jeans, workshirt, LSU hat, pitching horseshoes at the
2013 GNOSO Horseshoes Event - in a schoolyard - Americana personified


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