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GNOSO 2013 Team Dance Competition
Sunday, February 24, 2013 at Esplanade Mall, Kenner, LA
Coordinator: Starrlynne Hoffmann Morgan (504) 494-5470

*Team Dance is a Qualifying Event for LSOG 2013
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This event - what could be said about this event? Ladies, how would you like to be very talented, very coordinated, very compatible with your team members, and be "drop-dead gorgeous" at the same time? And let's not forget all the lucky gentlemen who also competed, faces aglow with smiles and obvious pride in their hearts. They not only have the same talent, coordination and compatibility, but they get to practice and dance with all those lovely ladies.

*2013 GNOSO Team Dance
Sunday, February 24, 2013
Esplanade Mall
Coordinator: Starrlynne Hoffmann Morgan (504) 494-5470
Age/Division Team Name State Place   Age/Division Team Name State Place
60+ Advanced FEVER              
  Carol Arceneaux LA GOLD          
  Ruth Beron LA GOLD          
  Connie Carrigee LA GOLD          
  Yvette Ecuyer LA GOLD          
  Barbara Lacour LA GOLD          
  Patty Larkin LA GOLD          
  Rita Taylor LA GOLD          
  Scott Taylor LA GOLD          
  Betty Younger LA GOLD          
  JoAnn Youngblood LA GOLD          
60+ Recreation JAZZY SENIORS       60+ Recreation SASSY SENIORS    
  Marilyn Amar LA GOLD     Yvonne Baldaras LA SILVER
  Constance Jacobs LA GOLD     Laura C. Brumfield LA SILVER
  Jolene Jeff LA GOLD     Climer Davis LA SILVER
  Yvette Bowens LA GOLD     Alice E Kraemer LA SILVER
  Evelyn Adams LA GOLD     Althea R Miles LA SILVER
  Carlotta Robinson LA GOLD     Wanda J Myers LA SILVER
  Willie Parker, Jr LA GOLD     Grace Ann Vise LA SILVER
  Cynthia Gardere LA GOLD     Diane H Wilson LA SILVER
  Paulette Watson LA GOLD          
  Mililent Richardson LA GOLD          
  Clarence Jourdan, Jr LA GOLD          
  Gezeria Jourdan LA GOLD          
70+ Recreation     ELMWOOD SASSY STEPPERS              
  Linda Bienvenu LA GOLD          
  Janet Perry LA GOLD          
  Ida Gremillion LA GOLD          
  Henry Francalancia LA GOLD          
  Gigi Mosley LA GOLD          
  Verna Huner LA GOLD          
  Sue Milligan LA GOLD          
  Verna LaBorde LA GOLD          
  Elise Canepa (see picture) LA GOLD          

Dancers, 33 Gold and 7 Silver


Elise Canepa at 91 is our "Most Senior" and possibly "Most Striking" Senior Olympic Dancer

Spotlight on Seniors - Senior Olympian Elise Canepa. (A Biopic)

Elise has been dancing for over 60 years, and has lived in the Mid City area of New Orleans for more than 70 years.  The parents of 3 daughters, she and her husband loved Square Dancing and Round Dancing. They also enjoyed dancing at the Jefferson Orleans Ballroom.


Before Hurricane Katrina she was very active in the People's Program taking dance lessons and teaching dancing, playing tennis and other pursuits.  Since Hurricane Katrina, Elise joined Elmwood Fitness Center and became very active taking line dance lessons, pilates, yoga and zumba gold.  She has earned several GNOSO gold medals with the Elmwood Sassy Steppers in the GNOSO Games. On a recent 7-day "Line Dancing with Linda" Norwegian Line cruise with her daughter Pam, Elise won the 1st place trophy and a bottle of champagne in a "Dancing with the Stars" contest.  Everyone loved her and she had the time of her life! Elise is truly an inspiration to all of her Dance Team members. She certainly inspires the Dance Event Coordinator and the "Sassy Steppers" Director.


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