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2013 GNOSO Bridge
THURSDAY, March 7, 2013
Check-in: 9:00 AM; Start: 10:00 AM
Pontiff Golden Age Center
Coordinator: Dolores Ford (504) 443-3610
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There ARE no LSOG RULES for the Event

Place holder for Event Coordinator Photo
Dolores Ford, Bridge Coordinator

This event appeals to all ages and all walks of life. Generally regarded as more of a Mental contest than a Physical one, Bridge is a very relaxing (well, supposed to be, anyway) event to be enjoyed with friends of a similar mental persuasion. Our Event Coordinator for 2013 is Dolores Ford.

2013 GNOSO Bridge
Pontiff Golden Age Center
Thursday, March 7, 2013
Age Group/Gender Last Name First Name Medal
60-64F Peterson Lynne Gold
  Arton Bonnie Silver
65-69F Ordoyne Sharon Gold
  Lynch Anita Silver
  Christen Margie Bronze
70-74F Abadie Carolyn Gold
  Goff Marie Silver
  Hull Kathleen Bronze
70-74M Richardson Roy Gold
  Baroni Barry Silver
75-79F Baird Margaret Gold
  Seeman Margie Silver
  McKay Barbara Bronze
75-79M Barland Johnny Gold
  Velleman Richard Silver
  Hartigan Anthony Bronze
80-84F Lipari Betty Gold
  Johnson Delores Silver
  Fried Lynette Bronze
80-84M Jones Raymond Gold
  Madere Earl Silver
  Hale Ron Bronze
85-89F Albright Frances Gold
  Lanoux Audrey Silver
85-89M Pilcher Joe Gold
  Diamond Al Silver
  Adams James Bronze
90+F Ruello Rosemary Gold
  Lacoste Ester Silver
  Alfred Mary Bronze
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