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2013 GNOSO Billiards
TUESDAY, March 26, 2013
Check-in: 10:30 AM; Start: 11:00 AM
Corner Pocket
Kenner, LA
Coordinator: Sonya Belgard (504) 450-4506
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Willie Nelson said it best, "Cowboys like smokey old pool-rooms and clear mountain mornin's...." (1)

Sonya Belgarde


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Willie Nelson Management:
Mark Rothbaum & Assoc.
PO Box 2689
Danbury, CT 06813

This event should perhaps more properly be termed "Pool," as the game as played here does not adhere to the game as played in Europe. But regardless of the name, this is FUN, and is enjoyed by players of all ages
. The Event Coordinator is the very capable Sonya Belgard, who is also part of our Web Team.

2013 GNOSO Billiards
Men's and Women's
Corner Pocket, Kenner, LA
Age Group Men's Names Medal Women's Names
60-64     GOLD Marilyn Nulty
    SILVER Katherine Legrand
65-69   Jack Thompson GOLD Marianna Williams
70-74   Jerry Wood GOLD Jolynne Welles
  Red Williams SILVER Renee Glendmeyer
75-79   Michael Guzzetti GOLD  
  Raymond Montalbano SILVER  
  Carroll Dufrene BRONZE  
80-84   Bill Knobloch GOLD  
  Ron Hale SILVER  
  Joe Matranga BRONZE  
85-90  Mel Coulon GOLD  
  Louis Generes SILVER  
  11 Players   5 Players
  5 Gold, 4 Silver, 2 Bronze Medals 3 Gold, 2 Silver Medals


Mary Ann
billiards 2
Mariann Williams
Billiards Competitor
billiards 3
Billiards Group
Competitor with Sonya Belgard
Billiards Competitors with Sonya Belgard



billiards 3
Billiards competitors with Sonya Belgard




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