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2013 GNOSO Arts & Crafts
SUNDAY, March 3, 2013
Wally Pontiff, Jr. Playground Golden Age Center
1521 Palm Street, Metairie, LA 70001
Coordinator: Mattie Whitney (504) 426-7340


Mattie Whitney

There ARE no LSOG RULES for the Event

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This event should be of interest to those of us who like to do things with our hands - such as sew, build models, carve ducks, or paint, or ceramics. But regardless of the individual pursuit, this is FUN, and is enjoyed by individuals of all ages. It is even theraputic.

Sunday March 3, 2013 
Wally Pontiff Playground 
Category  Name Medal
Jewelry  Bani  Bhattacharyya  Gold
   Patricia  Touchard  Silver
   Josie  Smith  Bronze
Photography  Claude  Maringo  Gold
   Mattie  Whitney  Silver
   Carolyn  Clulee  Bronze
Handmade Framed Art  Charlotte  Perrin Gold
Oil Painting  Karen  Belsome  Gold
   Carol  Guizetti  Silver
   Patricia  Touchard  Bronze
Water Color     
   Karen  Belsome  Gold
   Blanche  Palermo  Silver
Pen & Ink  Winona  Najolia  Gold
Acrylics  Karen  Belsome  Gold
   Blanche  Palermo  Silver
   Winona  Najolia  Bronze
Needlework/Quilting  Jacqueliine  McGee  Gold
   Mary  Jackson  Silver
   Lucille  Riley  Bronze
Needlework/Crocheting  Catherine  Minor  Gold
Stuffed Animals  Elizabeth  Dumas  Gold
Woodworking/Carving  Teddy  Mayfield  Gold
   Karen  Belsome  Silver
Woodworking/Handmade  Teddy  Mayfield  Gold
Miscellaneous  Liz  Kerner  Gold
   Karen  Belsome  Silver
   Alberta  Pizani  Bronze
   28 Participants; 13 Gold,
      8 Silver,
    &6 Bronze

Special thanks to Event Coordinator Mattie Whitney.


Page last updated: 25-May-2013 9:24 AM
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