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*GNOSO 2012 Horseshoes
SATURDAY, March 10, 2012
Waggaman Horseshoe Pit
Coordinator: Landry Camardelle (504) 431-9092
Coordinator: Jenny Camardelle 
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Note: Waggaman Horseshoe Pit is at Jefferson Park
    Landry Camardelle   Jenny


Landry Camardelle   Jenny Camardelle

This event is NOT uniquely American. A game like this was played by Roman soldiers in 100 BC; the game is now universally enjoyed. The amount of skill required to achieve a competitive level in this sport is unbelievable. The Greater New Orleans Senior Olympics event is held in West Jefferson - in Waggaman, at the public horseshoe pitch affiliated with Thomas Jefferson Park. GNOSO Event Coordinator Landry Camardelle has been pitching horseshoes since the Andrew Jackson defeated the British at English Turn. Co-coordinator Jenny Camardelle has considerably less experience and roughly equivalent skill.


Division Name Last Name First Name State OD Place Result
50-54 Female  N/A
55-59 Female N/A
60-64 Female N/A
65-69 Female Guidry Gail LA 1st Gold
Creduer Diane LA 2nd Silver
Kraemer Deanna LA 3rd Bronze
70-74 Female Camardelle Jenny LA 1st Gold
75-79 Female Roux Rosemary LA 1st Gold
Williams Mary Evelyn LA 1st Silver
80-84 Female Covington Nancy LA OD 1st Gold
Coulon Shirley LA 1st Gold
Reynolds Louise LA OD 2nd Silver
Walker Lucille LA 2nd Silver
Lacrouts Thais LA 3rd Bronze
85-89 Female N/A
90+ N/A
50-54 Men Camardelle Randy LA 1st Gold
55-59 Men N/A
60-64 Men Whitney  Neil LA 1st Gold
Raziano Bob LA 2nd Silver
65-69 Men N/A
70-74 Men Bourgeois Mervin LA 1st Gold
Jeandron Charles LA 2nd Silver
Montalbano Raymond LA 3rd Bronze
75-79 Men Elrod Bill LA OD 1st Gold
Camardelle Landry
Bourgeois Joe LA 2nd Silver
Hull Donald LA 3rd Bronze
80-84 Men Coulon Mel LA 1st Gold
Watson Calvin LA 2nd Silver
85-89 Men N/A
90+ Men N/A
11 Female 5 Gold, 4 Silver, 2 Bronze
12 Male 6 Gold, 4 Silver, 2 Bronze







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