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GNOSO 2012 Event - Darts
FRIDAY, February 25, 2012
Check-in - Men: 8:30 AM; Women: 10:00 AM
Belle Terre Playground
Coordinator: Jane Marchese (504) 362-4341
2012 Photos
Jane Marchese

This event was offered for the first time ever by GNOSO in 2009. Again in 2010, 2011, and here it is in the 2012 Olympiad. It will be offered again - for sure. Lots of fun. The event coordinator, Jane Marchese, hails from Boston. Darts is most often encountered as a pub game, evoking an English - or an Irish connotation (a la Andy Capp of the comics). LOTS of ladies participate in this Event - and rightly so. Get the picture, guys?

Female (Male participants shown below)
Age Grp/Gender Last Name First Name D.O.B. State Place
50-54 Female  N/A        
55-59 Female  N/A        
60-64 Female   Ratliff Marie   LA Gold
  Matherne Roseanna   LA Silver
66-69 Female  Jeanfreau Fay   LA Gold
  Risey Loriano   LA Silver
  Guidry Gail   LA Bronze
70-74 Female  Olano June   LA Gold
  Alfonso Ruthie   LA Silver
  Nunez Bernice   LA Bronze
75-79 Female  DeSalvo Shirley   LA Gold
  Ledger Janet   LA Silver
  Avenel Geraldine   LA Bronze
80-84 Female  Terluin Trudy   LA Gold
  Hart Jessie   LA Silver
  Cassio Gloria   LA Bronze
85-89 Female Evans Louise   LA Gold
  Carter Claire   LA Silver
  Micheu Ruby   LA Bronze
17 Female; 6 Gold,6 Silver & 5 Bronze 
Age Grp/Gender Last Name First Name D.O.B. State Place
50-54 Male  Roux Scott   LA Gold
55-59 Male  N/A        
60-64 Male  N/A        
65-69 Male  Rhodes Michael (O.D.)   LA Gold
  Seither William   LA Gold
  Marengo Claude   LA Silver
  Matherne Ted   LA Bronze
70-74 Male  Guidry Norman   LA Gold
  Oestricher Paul   LA Silver
75-79 Male  Camardelle Landry   LA Gold
  Ledger Luke   LA Silver
80-84 Male  Gillardo Martin   LA Gold
  Wilson Tom   LA Silver
  Klien Rene'   LA Bronze
85-90 Male Diamond Alfred (O.D.)   LA Gold
  Acosta Bob   LA Gold
  Trahan Camille   LA Silver
90+ Male N/A        
15 Male; 8 Gold,5 Silver & 2 Bronze 




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