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*GNOSO 2012 Team Dance Event
SUNDAY, February 26, 2012
Esplanade Mall
Coordinator: Starrlynne Hoffmann Morgan (504) 494-5470
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Starrlynne H. Morgan

*Team Dance is a Qualifying Event for LSOG 2012
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This event - what could be said about this event? How would you like to be very talented, very coordinated, very compatible with your team members, and be "drop-dead gorgeous" at the same time? And let's not forget all our handsome gentlemen who also competed, faces aglow with smiles on their faces and obvious pride in their hearts. They not only have the same talent, coordination and compatibility, but they get to practice and dance with all these lovely ladies.

Below are the results of the team competition, and the PICTURES speak volumes in answering those questions. Our Event Coordinator for Team Dance, Starrlynne Hoffmann Morgan,says "Prepare to be WOWED!

*2012 GNOSO Team Dance
Sunday, February 26, 2012
Esplanade Mall
Coordinator: Starrlynne Hoffmann Morgan (504) 494-5470
Age/Division Team Name State Place   Age/Division Team Name State Place
60+ Advanced FEVER LA GOLD          
  Carol Arceneaux LA GOLD          
  Ruth Beron LA GOLD          
  Connie Carrigee LA GOLD          
  Yvette Ecuyer LA GOLD          
  Madeleine "Lyn" Greco LA GOLD          
  Barbara Lacour LA GOLD          
  Patty Larkin LA GOLD          
  Rita Taylor LA GOLD          
  Scott Taylor LA GOLD          
  Betty Younger LA GOLD          
  JoAnn Youngblood LA GOLD          
  Joyce Pounds LA GOLD     Leona Galley LA SILVER
  Jolene Jeff LA GOLD     Kathleen Reeves LA SILVER
  Doris Gorman LA GOLD     Jane Wingerter LA SILVER
  Carroll Arnaud LA GOLD     Evelyn Stagni LA SILVER
  Gwendolyn Watts LA GOLD     Edna Metcalf LA SILVER
  Miulenet Richardson LA GOLD     Claudia Sortina LA SILVER
  Yvette Bowens LA GOLD     Paulette Popkin LA SILVER
  Constance Jacobs LA GOLD     Rita Linden LA SILVER
  Deborah Ward-Crosby LA GOLD     Theresa Upchurch LA SILVER
  Gezeria Jourdan LA GOLD     Jean Ramsey LA SILVER
  Clarence Jourdan LA GOLD     Kathlyn Wichers LA SILVER
  Evelyn Adams LA GOLD     Dolores Jeandron LA SILVER
  Hilda Williams LA GOLD     June Olano LA SILVER
  Marilyn Amar LA GOLD     Elda Olsen LA SILVER
  Annie Smith-Jack LA GOLD          
70+ Recreation     ELMWOOD LINE DANCERS LA GOLD          
  Linda Bienvenu LA GOLD          
  Carol Rymer LA GOLD          
  Phenix S. Cheuk LA GOLD          
  Joan Sylvester LA GOLD          
  Patricia Durel LA GOLD          
  Dorothy Gray LA GOLD          
  David Gray LA GOLD          
  Pat Magliore LA GOLD          
  Lin Yuan LA GOLD          
  Lin Yuan LA GOLD          
51 Dancers, 38 Gold, 13 Silver



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