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*2011 Harry Lee Table Tennis Event
FRIDAY, March 11, 2011
Location: Bridge City Playground
Coordinator: Janey Perez (504) 834-5279

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Janey Witt-Perez
Janey Perez, Event

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This event is another one of the "racket sports" offered by GNOSO, and requires amazing skill. This is definitely not the same "ping pong" we played as youngsters. Some of the champions from childhood would not be competitive with some of the GNOSO participants.

2011 GNOSO Senior Olympics Table Tennis Tournament
Bridge City Playground, Bridge City, LA
Friday March 11th, 2011 
Division Name Last Name First Name State OD? Place - - -
50-54 Female  N/A
55-59 Female  Yu Haini LA. 1st Gold
Thom  Daisy LA. 2nd Silver
60-64 Female  Scobel Nancy LA. 1st Gold
Alfaro Amely LA. 2nd Silver
Bradford Carol LA. 3rd Bronze
65-69 Female  Poche' Mary Ann LA. OD 1st Gold    
70-74 Female  Council Julie LA. OD 1st Gold    
75-79 Female  Russo Jean LA. 1st Gold
80-85 Female  Coulon Shirley LA. 1st Gold
50-54 Male N/A
55-59 Male Haynes Jeffery LA. 1st Gold
60-64 Male Yang Qimin LA. 1st Gold
Francalancia Henry LA. 2nd Silver
65-69 Male Alfaro Manuel LA. 1st Gold
Elwood Burkart LA. 2nd Silver
70-74 Male Eitmann Fred LA. 1st Gold
75-79 Male N/A
80-84 Male Coulon Mel LA. 1st Gold
Laufer Beryl LA. 2nd Silver
9 Female Players 11 Gold
8 Male Players 5 Silver
1 Bronze
Division Name Last Name First Name State Out Place Result Last Name First Name
55-59 F Yu Haine LA 1st Gold Thom Daisy
55-59 F Leo Cindy LA 2nd Silver Cannella Sandy
60-64 F Alfaro Amely LA 1st Gold Coulon Shirley
60-64 F Poche Mary Ann LA OD 2nd Silver Bradford Carol
70-74 F Council Julie LA OD 1st Gold Russo Jean
55-59 M Hynes Jeffrey LA 1st Gold Yang Qimin
60-64 M Alfaro Manuel LA 1st Gold Francalancia Henry
60-64 M Burkhart Woody LA 2nd Silver Savoy Paul
80-84 M Coulon Mel LA 1st Gold Laifer Beryl
Partner Partner
Division Name Last Name First Name State Out Place Result Last Name First Name
55-59 MXD Haynes Jeffrey LA OD 1st Gold Poche Mary Ann
55-59 MXD Yang Qimin LA 1st Gold Yu Haini
55-59 MXD Thom Daisy LA 2nd Silver Francalancia Henry
60-64 MXD Alfaro Amely LA 1st Gold Alfaro Manuel
60-64 MXD Bradford Carol LA 2nd Silver Savoy Paul
65-69 MXD Burkhart Woody LA 1st Gold Council Julie
75-79 MXD Laufer Beryl LA 1st Gold Russo Jean
80-84 MXD Coulon Mel LA 1st Gold Coulon Shirley



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