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2011 GNOSO Shuffleboard 
FRIDAY, April 1 (Doubles) & SATURDAY, April 2(Singles)
Check-in: 8:00 AM; Start: 8:30 AM
Coordinator: Daisey Acosta (504) 616-1116
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This event is the same game that is so popular on cruise ships, and has been a perennial favorite of senior citizens for ages. The GNOSO event draws a heavy turnout, requiring two days to complete and offering Singles and Doubles.


April 2, 2011, at Harvey Playground, Harvey, LA
Division Name Last Name First Name State OD? Place
50-54 Female  N/A
55-59 Female  Acosta Desiree LA Gold
Lauland Claudia LA Silver
60-64 Female  N/A
65-69 Female  Bourgeois,  Norma LA Gold
Pigford Thelma LA Silver
70-74 Female  Camardelle Jenny LA Gold
Plaisance Joyce LA Silver
Burke Jane LA Bronze
75-79 Female  Desalvo Shirley LA Gold
Marchese Jane LA Silver
Williams Mary Evelyn LA Bronze
80-84 Female  Coulon Shirley LA Gold
Jeandron Delores LA Silver
Lacrouts Thais LA Bronze
85-89 Female  Zeringue Ann LA. OD Gold  
Delaune Gladys LA Gold
90+ Female  Mire Verline LA Gold
Kraemer Bessie LA Silver
Tourelle Dot LA Bronze
50-54 Male N/A
55-59 Male Acosta Darrell P LA Gold
60-64 Male Whitney Neil LA Gold
Matherne Ted LA Silver
65-69 Male Autin  Allen LA Gold
Guise Lionel LA Silver
Charlet Harold LA Bronze
70-74 Male Bourgeois Mervin LA Gold
McCraney Ed LA Silver
75-79 Male Trosclair Don LA Gold
Clark Karl LA Silver
Camardelle Landry LA Bronze
80-84 Male Coulon Mel LA Gold
Wilson Thomas LA Silver
Watson Calvin LA Bronze
85-89 Male Acosta Robert LA Gold
90+ Male Morrison John LA Gold
18 Female 8 Gold, 6 Silver, 4 Bronze
16 Male 8 Gold, 5 Silver, 3 Bronze


April 1, 2011, at Harvey Playground, Harvey, LA
Result Partner Partner
Division  Last Name First Name State Place Last Name  First Name State Place
50-54  N/A
55-59 Acosta Darrell LA Gold Acosta Desiree LA Gold
Matherne Ted LA Silver Lauland Claudia LA Silver
60-64 Bradford Carol LA Gold Poche' Mary Ann LA Gold
Fancalancia Henry LA Gold Melinie Warren LA Gold
Brouillette Charles LA Silver Brouillette Bennie LA Silver
Whitney Neil LA Bronze McCraney Ed LA Bronze
65-69 Charlet Harold LA Gold Wilson Tom LA Gold
Olano June LA Silver Olsen Elda LA Silver
Moll Clifford LA Gold Guise Lionel LA Bronze
70-74 Plaisance Joyce LA Gold Carbo Nova Dee LA Gold
Camardelle Landry LA Gold Camardelle Jenny LA Bronze
Bourgeois Mervin LA Silver Bourgeois Joseph LA Silver
75-79 Landry Joyce LA Gold Hunter Pat LA Gold
Watson Calvin LA Gold Williams Mary Evelyn LA Silver
Coulon Mel LA Gold Trosclair Don LA Bronze
80-84 Walker Lucille LA Gold Lacrouts Thais LA Gold
85-89 Zeringue Ann LA Gold Delaune Gladys LA Gold
90+ Kraemer Bessie LA Gold Tourelle Dot LA Gold
18 Teams 9 Gold, 5 Silver, 4 Bronze




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