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Sad news - 9/13/18:

Barbara Bower passed away on September 6, 2018.  Barbara was preceded in death by husband Dick Bower.  Barbara and Dick will be missed by the Louisiana swimming community, and by the Texas swimming community.  Both were talented swimmers, and leaders in the swimming communitites.  Barbara succumbed to double pneumonia.  An active GNOSO Senior Olympian, she was loved by all.  GNOSO extends condolences to her family.  More on Barbara's life will be provided by clicking on the menu tab below "MEMORIALS" (as soon as received - not yet available).

Sad news - 7/16/18:

Gloria Adams Loumiet passed away on July 10, 2018.  Gloria was a GNOSO Senior Olympian, and a past Coordinator for GNOSO Bridge.  She will be remembered as a very dignified and gentle lady.  GNOSO extends condolences to her family.  For more on Gloria's life, click on the menu tab below "MEMORIALS."


TGNOSO's Games ended with the Events "Track and Field" and "Archery" on Sunday, April 15.  All told, 823 Seniors Registered for some 1745 competitions in the Games, for a successful Senior Games.  All Results received as of this date have either been Posted to the Web-Site, or are out for Final Review before posting.  Refer to the "2018 Calendar" (see Menu Tab at left) for complete status.  Note that some Results have not yet been received.

The 2018 GAMES Season has been fun and exciting, and Records have been set.  To learn the STATUS of any Event, mouse-click on the Link at Left, "2018 Calendar."  The 2018 Calendar is updated daily to indicate whether an Event has been Completed (rose colored), or if the Results have posted on the Web-site (light blue), or if Pictures have been posted on the Web-site (dark blue).

ON-LINE REGISTRATION is Closed for the 2018 Season.  ActiveNet, the On-Line Registration vendor for the past three years, will not be used for the 2019 Season.

IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT:  GNOSO NOW HAS OUR OWN "COVER GIRL."  PEOPLES HEALTH," GNOSO's "Diamond Sponsor," includes a publication CONNECTION on their Web-site. The latest edition of CONNECTION, features GNOSO's own THAIS LECROUTS on the cover.

To view Thais is on the Cover, and the feature story on Page 6, and AGAIN on Page 8, CLICK THIS LINK to CONNECTION.

DATELINE 1/26/18:

With Regret we announce the passing of Ray Asprion, the first Coordinator of the GNOSO Shooting Event, on January 22, 2018 at the age of 81. An "In Memoriam" Notice will be posted as soon as possible.  IN HONOR OF RAY, THIS YEAR'S GNOSO GAMES ARE DEDICATED TO HIS MEMORY.


2017 EVENT RESULTS may be reviewed by visiting the Event's Web Event Page, or by using the Main Menu Tab "Results - All."  (The "Results - All" Menu Tab was conceptualized as a service to those athletes who prefer rapid "year-to-year" comparison of Results.  A SIMILAR approach is under consideration to provide year-to-year viewing of Event PHOTOS.)


THE GNOSO WEB-SITE is designed for easy access to all things GNOSO and the Senior Games.  Use the applicable "Menu Tab" at left to any Event Page of interest.

For quick answers to questions pertaining to GNOSO, CLICK THIS LINE to contact our web-master.

Bernice Bordelon has set 10 GNOSO Track & Field Records, more than any other woman of any age. Robert Baker has WORLD Records!


GNOSO is an organization devoted to "over-fifty" individuals; enjoy a HEALTHY LIFESTYLE and have FUN! You don't have to be a Super-Jock to participate in GNOSO Events. Oh, the Games have super-athletic events, but GNOSO serves ALL SENIORS - NOT JUST ATHLETES. We have an event to fit your life-style. Regardless of whether you are a Vince Breaux, who can Bench Press 450 pounds (as a 69-year-old) or are a 90+ year-old participant who does Washer Pitch plays Bridge, does Team Dancing or does Track & Field, we have something for you. GNOSO's goal is to get Seniors off the couch, out of the doctors offices, and into a Healthy Lifestyle, whether for the exercise, or for the social values of being around other Seniors. We are an all-volunteer staff (except the Program Director), dedicated to presenting the best that Louisiana has to offer in Senior Olympics.

Remember, Life Begins at 50!

MISSION: GNOSO's Mission is to provide seniors over the age of 50, quality venues to participate in a variety of athletic, recreational and social activities, all of which promote wellness and an active lifestyle.

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